Writer. Comedian. Traveller. Lover of dogs. That’s me, Rachel Schollaert.


More specifically, I am a  recent graduate of University of Minnesota (though I only spent 1 of my 3 years of college there) with an individually designed major, because I’m just not the kind of person who can abide by strictly defined categories and rules. My mom calls it my “contrarian nature,” my educators called it “individuality and creativity,” the internet calls it “chaotic neutral.” I am satisfied with any and all.

I have been involved in a passionate, slow-burning affair with the written and spoken word since I could write, read, and speak. I learned to appreciate free-verse poetry at the same time that I committed the most stringent and obscure grammar laws to heart. Throughout my experience in academia, I have been deeply fascinated by the ways that the separate and singular strands of life and history and art and culture intertwine, and I spend my time tying knots with them, just for funsies.

Other things I do include stand-up comedy, tending to an eclectic family of potted plants, and traveling anywhere and any time I have the opportunity. That’s why, in the past four years, I’ve had addresses in Savannah, Omaha, Minneapolis, Reykjavík, and, most recently, Dublin. That, and tax evasion.

Just kidding.

Language is my love, travel my passion, and dogs my heart, and if my last words aren’t “just kidding,” I won’t have lived the life to which I have aspired.