2017 in Review (and 2018 in Preview)

I’ll say it, 2016 was a garbage year, both personally and according to the zeitgeist. We couldn’t wait to get rid of it. We welcomed 2017 with gusto, because whatever it had in store, it wasn’t 2016, and on some level we all knew that, in the ongoing cycle of time, when we fall, eventually we will get back up.

All this is to say that 2017 wasn’t as shitty as 2016. In fact, it was a remarkable year for me in many ways. It’s December now, and as this year breathes its final frost-laden breaths, I would like to bid it a heartfelt adieu and look ahead to 2018 in my typical, list-ical style.

  • I had my fake made up individually designed major proposal approved. Consequently, I became the only person in the world getting a B.A. in Literature and Folklore in Context, despite having no idea what that means. I also became the only person in the world with a degree less useful than the kind you get from art school. Let that sink in. I transferred from art school. To get a less useful degree. Than an art degree.
  • I returned to Savannah to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, art school-stylez. Which is to say, stone cold sober and super happy to be with the Gal Pals again. I also had the wonderful privilege of spending a week with my grandparents in Brunswick, which made for the best spring break trip a 45 year old could ask for.
Savannah’s cutest.
  • I visited Texas for the first time. Yes, I should’ve probably written a blog about it, but I think we should all agree to forgive and forget my attentive transgressions of the past. I had a great trip catching up with 2 of the 3 Gal Pals, kayaking, hiking, and surviving both the Texas sun and the mole people.
Austin’s cutest.
  • I moved to Reykjavik for school. Look. Okay. If you follow this blog (and I’m assuming you do, otherwise you would not be remotely interested in reading the summary of someone’s year in whom you have invested no interest whatsoever) and don’t know that I’ve been in Iceland since August, I can do genuinely nothing for you. Here’s a waterfall.


  • I got a boyfriend for the first time since the Mesozoic Era. He’s English and wears hats and doesn’t mind being a punchline in my stand up, so he’s a keeper.
Reykjavik’s cutest.
  • I started doing stand up comedy. Most of my experience has been with the amazing group of comedians involved in Goldengang Comedy, Reykjavik’s only and best English-speaking comedy group. I have been so fortunate to find my footing in the world of stand up among such talented and supportive people, even though I’m funnier than all of them.
That was a joke, guys.
  • I touched Marcus Mumford. You guys. I touched Marcus Mumford. I TOUCHED MARCUS MUMFORD. MARCUS. MUMFORD.
  • I had my first German Christmas.*

*Okay, that one hasn’t technically happened yet, but I’m so excited I can’t wait until after it’s happened to publish this blog. And besides, it serves as a nice segway into the next part of this blog, which is a forecast of what can be expected of 2018:

  • A visit from my family. I think they still know who I am and I’m pretty sure they have my current address, so fingers crossed.
  • Rachel’s First Trip to the U.K. Interestingly, I made these plans before I started dating one of its citizens, and Imagine Dragons is still the most important part of the trip, but it’ll be nice to see Ally again after he ABANDONS ME IN ICELAND.
  • A visit from my estranged wife. Or as most people know her, Ashley. But back in my art school days, when I was the mom friend, she was my wife and together we raised our children Ashton and Alexandra. Anyway she’s going to visit me in Iceland and I am already making a list of waterfalls to take her to.
It’ll look just like this, except with fundamentally opposite weather.
  • X-treme culture shock of the utmost degree when I return to America. You know how when you have a cat that’s lived its whole life in the same building and then you suddenly put it outside and it does that cat thing where it just kinda freezes except like its eye or tail or something is twitching? It’ll be like that, probably.
  • A three month fixation on the senior project for my fake made up individually designed major. God knows what it’ll be about, but given that I just wrote 10 pages about what Icelandic women, ghosts, and the Reformation have in common, it’ll probably be weirdly specific. Like, uncomfortably specific. “How could anyone think about something like that, then find enough research on it, then write 20 pages about it without actually watching their sanity crumble like shortbread” specific.
  • Graduation from college????? Oh god. I need to go lay down.

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