6 Word Summaries

This is less of a normal blog post and more of a game. While sitting in the kitchen with my mom the other day, she showed me a post on Facebook challenging people to summarize their favorite books in six words. To the surprise of no one, I embraced the idea fully and began composing brief descriptions of many, many books. Some of my favorites are listed below. I encourage you to leave your guesses for mine and share your own in the comments, but I guess you don’t have to. You do you.

  1. Small man takes ages returning jewelry.
  2. Man fears rats more than government.
  3. Listless employee would prefer not to.
  4. Eager Doctor botches surgery, visits Arctic.
  5. Animal abuse leads to murdered wife.
  6. Orphan makes friends, magic, and memories.
  7. Scottish lord underestimates power of guilt.
  8. Miserable man becomes a miserable bug.
  9. Hunter and baker kill other children.
  10. Whiny child ruins all of Denmark.
  11. Throwing parties doesn’t win back girl.
  12. Man less unbearable than originally thought.
  13. Young girl is bullied, ruins prom.
  14. Delusional household remains childish and bitter.
  15. Power makes pigs act like humans.
  16. Woman prefers Scots to warm baths.
  17. Traveling old man babysits short friends.
  18. Talking bird makes sad man sadder.
  19. Island living turns children into monsters.
  20. Shut-in leaves gifts for neighboring kids.

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